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Boy’s Abyss Chapter 152: Nagi and Reiji’s Heartfelt Reunion

In this new chapter of Boy’s Abyss, Nagi and Reiji finally meet up and share their feelings. Nagi couldn’t reach Reiji because her teacher, Yuri, took her phone. But now that they’re face-to-face, they’re going to open up about everything they’ve been holding in.

A Refreshing Encounter

It was so nice to see Nagi and Reiji behind the store again. They’ve had this history of bumping into each other in the same spot. The story also shows other characters meeting Reiji one by one. First, it was Chako, then Yuki, and now Nagi.

(Credits: Tonarinoyj)

Confusion in the Story

Honestly, I’m a bit confused about where this story is going. It’s not bad, but I’m not sure what the author is trying to achieve, except maybe showing that all the characters are struggling to function properly. At the beginning, it was interesting, albeit sad, but now it feels a bit chaotic.

The Characters’ Struggles

I think that’s the point, though. These characters have been through so much that they’re barely thinking straight, operating mostly on their basic instincts. The teacher, for example, seems to have romantic and motherly feelings for Reiji, and the same goes for Nagi.

When to Expect Chapter 152

If you’re eagerly waiting for the next chapter of Boy’s Abyss, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about when Boy’s Abyss Chapter 152 will be released and where you can read it.

(Credits: Tonarinoyj)

Chapter 151 Recap

In Chapter 151, the story begins with Reiji and Nagi reuniting behind the store. Nagi asks why he’s there, and Reiji asks the same question. Nagi explains that she felt like smoking, so she came there for some reason.

Seeing her reminds Reiji of when they first met in a similar situation. Nagi mentions that Esemori had her read a letter sent by someone named Saki Tokiwa, and it contained everything that happened to Reiji. Nagi then asks if she can stay with Reiji for the night.

What Happened Next

The story continues with Reiji and Nagi entering Reiji’s house. Nagi tells him her phone was stolen, so she came to town to retrieve it from the police. Reiji is curious about how and by whom her phone was stolen. Nagi reveals it was taken by her former teacher, Shibasawa.

On the day they parted ways in Tokyo, Shibasawa came to see Nagi and warned her to stay away from Reiji. While she was talking to Nagi, Reiji called, and Shibasawa made off with Nagi’s phone.

Chapter 152 Predictions

It feels like the author is stretching the story without clear direction. Reiji’s mom is still a mystery, the grandma is still going strong, Chako might face a grim fate soon, and Reiji is clinging to anyone for survival. He’s becoming more like his mom, and it’s unclear whether he likes Nagi or the teacher. Whatever he chooses, it might lead to disaster.

Chapter 152 Release Date

Boy’s Abyss Chapter 152 is expected to be released on Sunday, October 8, 2023, at PT. However, it might be delayed by a day or two. Here’s the release schedule for different time zones:

Releasing on Sunday:

  • IST: 08:30 PM
  • CEST: 05:00 PM
  • New York: 11:00 AM
  • PST: 08:00 AM
  • EEST: 06:00 AM
  • PHT: 11:00 PM
  • SST: 11:00 PM

Releasing on Monday:

  • JST: 12:00 AM
  • ACST: 01:00 AM
  • EIST: 12:00 AM
  • KST: 12:00 AM

So, mark your calendars and stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of Boy’s Abyss!

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