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Boruto’s Two Blue Vortex: Chapter 2 Spoilers

Boruto’s New Skills
In this exciting chapter of Boruto, our hero, Boruto, has learned some incredible new abilities. He’s become a master at using a sword, just like Sasuke. But that’s not all; he’s also created a brand-new Rasengan called Uzuhiko, following in the footsteps of his dad, Naruto, who invented the giant Rasengan. Boruto’s skills have grown, and he seems more distant than ever.

Facing Code’s Minion Army
Boruto is on a mission to save the people of Konoha from Code and his gang. He confronts Code and warns him to leave Konoha and retreat with his gang if he values his life. Boruto’s serious demeanor makes it clear he’s not joking. Code, taken aback by Boruto’s determination, realizes Boruto knows something about the Ten-Tails that even he doesn’t. Boruto proposes a deal: he’ll spare Code’s life if Code helps him get to the Ten-Tails. He even suggests Code take his army back, as their current path leads to a grim future for everyone.

Boruto (Color Credits: 2cyborgoworks on Twitter)

A Chat with Sarada
During all this action, Boruto has a brief conversation with his friend Sarada. She asks him about his well-being, but Boruto tells her they can talk later. Their main priority is saving the people who managed to escape. Boruto seems distant, not even looking at Sarada.

The Battle Unfolds
As the battle intensifies, Boruto effortlessly takes down some of Code’s henchmen with his sword skills. He makes it look easy, and they don’t stand a chance. Sarada joins the fight, using her fireball jutsu and Chidori to defeat the Claw Grims one by one. She impresses Soegi with her skills, and when he questions her rank, she brushes it off.

A Mysterious Transformation
Things take a strange turn when one of Code’s minions begins absorbing the chakra of nearby Shinobi, turning into a tree-like creature. It’s similar to what Naruto did with the White Zetsu during the great Shinobi war. The InoShikaCho trio arrives to help, with Shikadai using his shadow imitation technique to stop some of the Claw Grims. Kawaki also joins the fight but ends up getting beaten by one of Code’s minions with a Rinnegan.

Boruto’s New Rasengan
In a thrilling moment, Boruto unveils his new Rasengan, called Rasengan Vortex, and uses it against Code’s minion army. The chapter ends with a teaser for the next chapter titled “Rasengan,” leaving us wondering what other new powers Boruto has gained beyond his curse mark.


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