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Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu Chapter 131

Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu Chapter 131 is the next part of Kyotaro’s adventure, and it’s about to get even more complicated. This manga is not your typical love story, and the recent chapters prove that.

Kyotaro went on a regular beach trip, but things got crazy when he found something unusual: a condom. Now, he’s in a pickle because he got caught with it. Is someone playing a prank on Kyotaro, or is he in real trouble? We’ll find out in the upcoming chapters.

In Chapter 130, Kyotaro and Yamada went to the beach. Kyotaro was surprised when he found a condom on the hotel room floor. He remembered how his teacher once explained that condoms are not indecent.

To muster up the courage to pick it up, Kyotaro reminded himself of his teacher’s words. Just when he was about to get rid of it, Sekine walked in.

Startled by her sudden arrival, Kyotaro put the condom in his pocket. Sekine checked her belongings, suspecting that Kyotaro took something.

Kyotaro thought that Yamada and Sekine were in the room earlier, so maybe the condom belonged to one of them. But that seemed absurd. They decided to head to the beach.

Sekine teased Kyotaro about not flirting too much, making him wonder if she was the one who left the condom in the room to tease him.

At the beach, Kyotaro found Yamada and their friends. Yamada hid her swimsuit because she felt embarrassed in front of Kyotaro.

As their friends left for various reasons, Yamada and Kyotaro were left behind. Yamada gave Kyotaro lotion to apply on her body.

Kyotaro joked that these situations often happen in manga, but it didn’t lighten the mood. He couldn’t stop thinking about the condom in his pocket while applying the lotion.

Yamada asked Kyotaro why he wasn’t wearing a swimsuit, and he just said he didn’t feel like it, avoiding eye contact out of embarrassment. Kyotaro started suspecting that Yamada might be the one who left the condom.

After what happened earlier, it seemed likely. Kyotaro wanted to take responsibility and speak up, but Yamada left suddenly to join her other friends.

Kyotaro stayed for a while, then decided to join Yamada and the others. Despite his personality not allowing him to act tough, he tried his best.

Some guys tried to hit on Yamada, asking her to surf with them, but she turned them down, saying she had a boyfriend. Sekine tried to get their attention, declaring she was single, but they ignored her.

Kyotaro felt relieved seeing Yamada act bravely. He gave some money to Sekine for ice cream, but he suddenly realized the condom had fallen out of his pocket.

Panic set in as he searched everywhere for it. Finally, he found it, but when he looked up, Yamada and the others were staring at him.

As for Chapter 131, it will be released on Monday, October 16, 2023.

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