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Blue Lock Chapter 234: Hiori and Isagi’s Team-Up

In this chapter, we’ll talk about the exciting developments in Blue Lock Chapter 234, where Hiori becomes the key player for Isagi’s success.

Hiori Shines on the Field

Hiori showed everyone his skills on the field by snatching the ball from Barou. This marks a significant moment in Hiori’s rise as a player. He’s determined to help Isagi become the best player globally, often referred to as the king of football.

Hiori (Credits: @truitosart on Twitter)

Isagi’s Chances to Score Improve with Hiori

With Hiori by Isagi’s side, the chances of Isagi scoring the next goal have increased significantly. Hiori is a sprinter, much like Isagi, and he even possesses meta vision, giving him an edge over their opponents.

Hiori’s Dedication to Isagi’s Success

Initially, there were doubts about whether Hiori would prioritize his own game over passing to Isagi, especially when in his ego form. However, this chapter confirms that Hiori’s ego is entirely focused on making Isagi the best. He won’t score unless Isagi wants him to. This partnership promises exciting action in the upcoming chapter.

Hiori (Credits: @truitosart on Twitter)

Blue Lock’s Success

Good news for Blue Lock fans! Blue Lock has become the top-selling manga of August 2023, surpassing Jujutsu Kaisen and One Piece. The anime’s success has played a significant role in promoting the manga, as many couldn’t wait for the next episode and delved into the manga.

Blue Lock Movie: Episode Nagi in 2024

Another exciting update is the upcoming Blue Lock movie, “Episode Nagi,” set to release in 2024. This is sure to keep fans engaged in the Blue Lock universe.

Blue Lock Chapter 234 Release Date

For those eagerly waiting for Chapter 234, it’s expected to be released on Sunday, September 24, 2023.

What to Expect in Blue Lock Chapter 234

As for the upcoming chapter, it seems Hiori currently holds the ball, but passing it to Isagi is challenging due to the opposition’s defense. Isagi needs to make a move quickly so that he and Hiori can aim for the next goal. Barou won’t sit idly by after losing the ball, and he’ll fight back.

The match doesn’t seem to be ending soon. It might take at least six more chapters to conclude it. Fans are eager to see more of Kunigami, who sometimes gets overshadowed in the story. Kaiser is keeping a close eye on Isagi, and Lorenzo is also in the mix. The question remains: how will Isagi and Hiori overcome these formidable opponents?

Stay tuned for more updates on Blue Lock Chapter 234, and don’t forget to check for spoilers on Friday, September 22, 2023, around 10:00 PM JST.

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