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Blue Lock Chapter 233: Hiori and Isagi’s Exciting Football Match

In this chapter of Blue Lock, Hiori and Isagi are working together to win the game. It’s a big deal because Hiori has never really enjoyed playing football before. Unlike other players who’ve loved the game since they were kids, Hiori only started because his parents made him.

But now, Hiori is experiencing the thrill of playing at such a high level, and he’s having fun. Isagi, on the other hand, is still trying to outsmart his opponents. He’s been stopped a few times by Aiku, who can predict his moves.

The chapter also shows how Kaiser lost a scoring opportunity because he wanted to beat Isagi instead of passing the ball to Grim. Isagi saw this coming, but Aiku was watching him closely, so Isagi couldn’t get the ball. Ubers, the team they’re playing against, is relying on Barou to score and win the game.

Release Date of Blue Lock Chapter 233

If you’re wondering when the next chapter of Blue Lock will be out, it’s scheduled for Sunday, September 17, 2023. Now, let’s talk about what might happen in the next chapter.

Credits: Shonen Jump Magazine

Predictions for Blue Lock Chapter 233

We think that Hiori might not cooperate with Isagi because usually, people don’t pass the ball when they’re feeling very competitive. So, Hiori might aim for his own goal. Kunigami, another player, hasn’t done much in this match, but he might surprise us with a move at the end. Ubers currently has the ball, so they might try to score in the next chapter.

There’s a pattern in Blue Lock where whenever Isagi scores, there’s a whole chapter analyzing how he did it. So, until we get one of those chapters, Isagi might not make a big move. But Raichi, another player, is determined to prove himself for a spot in the top 11. In the next chapter, he might try to stop Barou, but it won’t be easy because Barou has strong support from Lorenzo and Niko.

So, keep an eye out for Blue Lock Chapter 233 on Sunday, September 17, 2023, PT. If you’re eager for spoilers, they should be available around 9:00 AM on Friday, September 15, 2023. Happy reading!

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