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Blue Box Chapter 117: Taiki vs. Yusei Mochi – The Big Badminton Match

In this chapter, we’re going to witness an exciting badminton match between Taiki and Yusei Mochi. Taiki is determined to prove himself after declaring his goal of going to the national competition. Yusei had doubted him, but Taiki is ready to back up his words with actions.

Taiki Shows His Determination

Taiki didn’t just talk about his goal; he’s going to show it. He didn’t tell Yusei about it because he believes actions speak louder than words. Yusei might regret underestimating Taiki and making fun of him.

Kyo Shines Bright

Credits: Manga Plus

In this chapter, Kyo also stands out. He shares his thoughts on Taiki and winning, making us like him more. It’s impressive how well the side characters are written in this manga, and Kyo has won the hearts of many readers in this chapter.

Release Date of Blue Box Chapter 117

If you’re wondering when Blue Box Chapter 117 will be released, don’t worry. We’ll discuss the release date and possible spoilers in this article.

Recap of Blue Box Chapter 117

The chapter begins with Taiki’s frustration because Yusei didn’t participate in the tournament. Taiki had worked hard, and it would be disappointing if Yusei didn’t compete. Later, Kyo gets ready for his next match, and Ayame talks to him. She apologizes for asking Kyo who he thought would win. Kyo doesn’t mind and explains that he respects Taiki’s approach. He appreciates that Taiki and Chono keep moving forward despite the risks, which makes them cool. Kyo tells Ayame to cheer for him.

Credits: Manga Plus

Release Date of Blue Box Chapter 117

Blue Box Chapter 117 is set to be released on Sunday, September 17, 2023, PT.

Spoiler Alert: Blue Box Chapter 117

As for spoilers, there aren’t any available yet, but we can still discuss what might happen in the next chapter. The match between Taiki and Yusei Mochi has just started, and we don’t know much about Yusei’s playing style. However, Taiki seems determined to win, especially after his impressive smash in the previous chapter. So, he might give it his all and have a good chance of winning the match.

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