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Blackpink Star, Lisa, Faces Controversy on Chinese Social Media

Blackpink’s Lisa is making headlines as she got banned on a Chinese social media platform called Weibo. Her account mysteriously disappeared, and people are wondering why. Usually, when someone breaks the rules on a platform, they can get blocked. Did Lisa do something wrong? Let’s find out more about the controversy.

Lisa’s Background

Lisa is a well-known member of the popular girl group Blackpink, which also includes Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo. She’s not just a group member; she has a successful solo career. Have you heard her debut album, “Lalisa,” or her song “Money,” with over 923 million views on YouTube?

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Lisa’s Talents

Lisa is not only a great rapper but also an amazing dancer. She even worked on a music video with Taeyan for the song “Shoong!”

The Controversy

Now, let’s get into the controversy. Lisa faced criticism after performing at a cabaret show in Paris, called the Crazy Horse. This place is known for its daring performances, often involving very little clothing and special lighting effects. Fans worried that Lisa’s performance might be seen as too vulgar, which could catch the attention of Chinese authorities.

Lisa’s Block on Weibo

At first, it was reported that Lisa got banned on Weibo for “violating laws, regulations, and Weibo community agreement.” But it seems that the issue was more about her performance at Crazy Horse.

Other Blackpink Members

Interestingly, the other Blackpink members didn’t get banned on Weibo, and they didn’t perform at the cabaret show.

Brands and Endorsements

Lisa used to be the global ambassador for two luxurious brands, Bvlgari and Celine. However, her pictures from these brands’ Weibo accounts disappeared due to the controversy. It looks like her association with these brands has changed.

Speculations and Assumptions

The official reason for Lisa’s ban on Weibo is still unclear, but fans have their theories. It seems like the ban happened because of her performance at Crazy Horse.

Others Involved

Lisa wasn’t the only one involved in this controversy. Actresses Angelababy and Baby Zhang also got noticed because they attended Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse. They received a notice saying their accounts were banned for violating the law and regulations.

Lisa’s Performance

To be clear, Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse didn’t involve full nudity, but she did wear lingerie and showed a more sultry side. Some fans were disappointed, and some even criticized her, while others worried about her future in the entertainment industry.

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In Conclusion

The reasons behind Lisa’s ban on Weibo may not be entirely clear, but it seems to be connected to her performance at Crazy Horse. Despite the controversy, we hope Lisa can continue her career with Blackpink.

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