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Black Storm Chapter 11

Black Storm, there was an amazing battle between Jia and Muka. Jia won, but she got hurt too. Fans are now eager to see what happens in the upcoming Chapter 12.

Recapping Chapter 11:
Chapter 11 begins with Hyung talking about Muka’s ability to smell blood. However, her scent was washed away by the rain, so Jia had to find her. Hyung asked Jia if she was scared, but she laughed and said no. She felt glad to have saved him.

Later, Jack appeared and asked about his gun. Jia thought she left it near Muka. This made Hyung angry, and he called Jack useless and a coward. When they reached a village, Jia’s sister was worried about Jia’s injuries. She couldn’t believe Muka had hurt her.

Credits: RidiBooks)

Spoilers and Expectations for Chapter 12:
In the next chapter, Hyung is upset with Jia and questions her reckless actions in the fight. He also mentions that while Jia was fighting bravely, Jesus was running away. Laura, with an angry expression, arrives and says that Muka got her, but Jesus took something, possibly his gun left near Muka.

Release Date:
Black Storm Chapter 12 will be released on October 28, 2023, for fans to enjoy.

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