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Björk and Rosalía Team Up to Stop Salmon Farms in Iceland

Two famous pop singers, Björk and Rosalía, are joining forces to help activists in Iceland who are against the industrial farming of salmon. They’ve created a new song, and even though we don’t know its title yet, it will be out later this month. They’ve given us a 75-second sneak peek online. Björk says that people in Seyisfjörur fjord are against fish farming starting in their area. They want to use the money from the song to help them with their legal expenses.

Björk thinks Iceland is a beautiful place with nature still untouched, where sheep and fish can roam freely. But she’s worried because big businesses from Norway and Iceland are buying up fish farms in many fjords without much oversight. They’ve been doing this for ten years, and Björk finds it concerning.

Björk believes that industrial salmon farming is hurting the environment and making fish unhealthy. Many of these fish escape into the wild, changing the genetics of Icelandic salmon and threatening their survival.

Credits: Variety)

A big company called Ice Fish Farm recently merged with another company for a lot of money, and they now control Seyisfjörur fjord and three other fjords in Iceland. They plan to produce millions of salmon each year.

Björk wants these companies to give up their fish farms and follow strict rules to protect the environment. She says many people support her cause, and they want their voices heard by the government.

Björk has always cared about the environment. She started the Náttra Foundation in 2008 to protect Iceland’s natural landscapes. She fought against an energy project in Iceland’s highlands in 2015 and supported creating a national park instead. Through her music, she’s celebrated the beauty of nature. In 2022, she praised Greta Thunberg’s climate book, which inspired her to take action for the environment.

Rosalía, a Spanish singer, and Björk are working together on this song for the first time. Rosalía is famous for her unique take on Latin music and has won a Latin Grammy award. She looks up to artists like Lauryn Hill, Kate Bush, and Björk herself. Björk is grateful to Rosalía and admires her for bringing Spanish music to a broader audience.

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