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Home » Before President Biden meeting, PM Modi to meet Mauritius PM and African Union head during G20

Before President Biden meeting, PM Modi to meet Mauritius PM and African Union head during G20

The G20 nations agree on sustainable development and food security, but they need to figure out how to handle the Ukraine issue.

As PM Modi gets ready for the G20 Summit this weekend, he will have one-on-one discussions with the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravind Jugnauth, and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina. Afterward, he will have a planned meeting and dinner with US President Joe Biden on Friday.

On Sunday, he will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron and talk with Comoros President Azali Assoumani, who is also the chairperson of the African Union, during the summit weekend. PM Modi invited the African Union to the G20 Summit to focus on economic growth and development in the Global South, which has been hit hard by the pandemic. African countries are struggling with debt from the Belt and Road Initiative, where Chinese EXIM banks are exchanging debt for ownership in major infrastructure projects like ports, railways, and highways in Africa.

Even though PM Modi will be very busy as the host, there might be more one-on-one meetings during the summit if the travel plans of important visitors align.

The G20 Sherpa and secretariat have briefed PM Modi about all the important issues of the summit, and there will be a briefing for the Union Council of Ministers before the summit begins.

While the G20 leaders are working on a joint statement, they will also need to discuss geopolitical issues like Ukraine and climate change, even though the main focus of the G20 is economic growth and development. The two main issues to be discussed by ministers and summit leaders are Ukraine and the debate about reducing coal use and switching to other fuels to combat climate change. Even though the coal debate is set for COP28 in Dubai later in November-December, it will still be a hot topic at the summit, and they are expected to agree on green development goals. There seems to be agreement on focusing on sustainable development goals and promoting millets for global food security.

PM Modi is committed to helping the global south economically, with a special focus on Africa, which has been hit hard by the pandemic and is dealing with political instability in some parts of the continent.

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