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Becoming the Villain’s Family Chapter 88 release date

Sophia’s Unique Singing Power

Sophia had a special talent – she could sing beautifully. Her voice was like music, but she didn’t know it was a curse. She was a Siren, able to control people’s emotions with her song. Because of this, she became like a trapped bird.

A Sad Beginning

Sophia’s mother was kidnapped by a nobleman and forced to sing for him. That’s how Sophia was born, but her mother didn’t love her. She was given potions every day that hurt her throat. Eventually, her mother died, and Sophia learned about her Siren fate. The imperial family took her, cut off her legs, and kept her in a cage to sing for nobles.

A Twist in Fate

Credits: KakaoPage Daum

Years later, a civil war happened. Grand Duke Lloyd Cadence Valentine killed the Emperor and freed Sophia. But her health had suffered, and she died in his arms, wishing to meet him again in her next life.

About the Web Comic

“Becoming the Villain’s Family” is a Korean Web Comic written by Sol Leesu and drawn by Passerby Poya. It’s a mix of drama, fantasy, romance, and shoujo genres. It started in 2020, published by KakaoPage, and featured in the Daum magazine by KakaoPage. It’s not available in English.

Chapter 88 Release Date

Now, let’s get to the exciting part! Chapter 88 is expected to be released on September 19, 2023. So mark your calendars!

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