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Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Coming Next Week!”

In the world of a famous virtual game called Wings Online, a guy named Mr. Mincheol made the game with a super smart computer called Gaia. At first, everyone loved the game, but then the bosses in charge of it started caring only about money.

They wanted to make players pay to win, which means you’d have to spend money to do well in the game. But Mincheol didn’t like that idea, so he didn’t let them do it. One day, a big problem happened in the game – a bug. This bug made people in the game get hurt really badly and lose their game accounts. It was a disaster!

Credits: Naver Webtoons

Mincheol wanted to fix it, but the new boss didn’t like him, so he got fired. The boss also used his special powers to kick Mincheol out of the game and said bad things about him.

Now, Mincheol wants revenge. He can’t fight the boss in a court, so he’s going to use his secret game account to go into the game world. He knows everything about the game because he made it, so he’s going to try to break the game.

This story is called “Bad Ending Maker,” and it’s a comic from Korea. It has action, adventure, fantasy, romance, and it’s for young readers.

The comic started in 2023, and it’s on a website called Naver. Unfortunately, it’s not available in English yet. But let’s not wait any longer – find out when Chapter 24 is coming!

Heading: “Recap of Bad Ending Maker Chapter 23”

In the last chapter of Bad Ending Maker, Mincheol was ready to fight some bad guys called bandits. But their leader, a player named Akasa, stopped him. Akasa wanted to be friends with Mincheol because he was a strong player. But Mincheol wondered why Akasa was buying something called “Strengthening stones.”

Credits: Naver Webtoons

Akasa said he was buying them because there was going to be a big update in the game, and the stones might become more expensive. He wanted to start the update with a strong character by using those stones.

Heading: “Mark Your Calendar: Bad Ending Maker Chapter 24 Release Date”

Get ready for the next exciting chapter of Bad Ending Maker! Chapter 24 is expected to be released on Saturday, September 30, 2023. Don’t miss it!

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