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As If Love Doesn’t Exist Chapter 22: Spoilers & Release Date

“As If Love Doesn’t Exist,” Siyeon found out something very surprising. She learned that Park Yunsu, someone she knows, is actually the son of a big company’s CEO and a friend of her own biological father. This got readers wondering how Siyeon would ask for Park Yunsu’s help to meet her biological father in Chapter 22.

Gwihyeon’s Confusion and Siyeon’s Assurance

Gwihyeon was surprised when he found out that Siyeon was not dating Ijun. He wondered if she didn’t want to marry him anymore. But Siyeon assured Gwihyeon that he didn’t need to worry because she would end up with the person she really liked. Gwihyeon was relieved to hear this, as he truly wanted to be with her. However, he was anxious about the next five years, which he had to wait for.

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A Changed Gwihyeon’s Suggestion

Gwihyeon had changed a lot, and he thought it would be a good idea for the three of them to meet up after Ijun left for work. Siyeon noticed that Gwihyeon was acting differently, so he told her they would see each other next month. She couldn’t quite figure out why Gwihyeon was acting this way, but it left her feeling uneasy.

Siyeon’s Plan to Meet Her Biological Father

Siyeon decided to visit Jin Foods, a company that had grown a lot after signing a contract with Midnight Sun Foods. She kept an eye on their job listings and quickly applied for a part-time position when one became available. Her goal was to get in touch with her biological father. She introduced herself to Sukhui, their employer, as the new part-time employee.

Sukhui would guide Siyeon for the day, but Siyeon was more interested in knowing about the CEO. Sukhui explained that the CEO didn’t pay much attention to the part-time workers, which eased Siyeon’s concerns. Siyeon mentioned she would start college soon, and Sukhui revealed she had worked at the company for eight years.

Sukhui, who seemed close to the CEO, informed Siyeon that everyone at the company liked him because he was very kind. Siyeon was delighted to hear the CEO being praised.

Questions About the CEO’s Wife

Siyeon also asked about the CEO’s wife and whether she came to the company often. Sukhui explained that the CEO’s wife only visited when things got really busy to help out. She mentioned that in recent years, the lady had been busy taking care of her high school daughter, who had just started college, like Siyeon. They were the same age.

Sukhui asked Siyeon what she planned to do with her earnings, and Siyeon said she wanted to support herself with living expenses. It seemed like Sukhui had misunderstood Siyeon’s situation, but Siyeon wasn’t sure if she should explain further.

Meeting Park Yunsu

Siyeon later met another part-time worker, Park Yunsu, who had also tutored Eunhye.

Chapter 22 Release Date

“As If Love Doesn’t Exist” Chapter 22 is expected to be released on Tuesday, October 18, 2023.

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