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Against The Gods Chapter 629 Release Soon

In the next chapter of “Against The Gods,” Xiao learns some surprising things about Yun’s past, and they become friends.

Yun’s Past

Yun revealed that he got married at sixteen, which was too young for his world. Readers are excited to learn more about Yun’s history.

A New Friendship

Xiao offered Yun some wine from his hometown, which Yun really liked. This made them friends, and they drank together.

Earth’s Wine is the Best

Xiao shared that the wine from Earth is the best. Yun agreed after tasting it and expressed his desire to visit Earth.

Checking Rankings

Elder Huo and others checked their rankings on the first day of a competition. Yun Che had the number one rank, which surprised everyone.

Star Tablet Broken

The star tablet was a bit damaged. Mu offered to find someone to fix it, but Yun Che didn’t seem interested in the competition.

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Competition Begins

In the Xiyin Realm, the four god sons were leading the rankings. In the Panshi Realm, they were excited to compete against the Hiewu dynasty for the first interface.

Leader’s Ambition

The leader of their group believed their empire’s power was outstanding and thought about competing for the title.

The Battle Nears its End

The fierce month-long battle was coming to an end, and Xiao was glad he had brought enough wine.

Waiting Together

Xiao thanked Yun for keeping him company, and they joked about bringing a portable console next time.

Release Date

Chapter 629 of “Against The Gods” is expected to be released on Monday, September 11, 2023, at 7:00 PM China Standard Time.

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