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Home » After Chandrayaan 3 Landing, Jammu Man Buys Land on Moon

After Chandrayaan 3 Landing, Jammu Man Buys Land on Moon

Jammu Man Buys Land on the Moon After Chandrayaan 3 Landing

A man from Jammu did something interesting on August 25, just two days after Chandrayaan-3 made history by landing on the moon. Let’s find out what he did!

Meet Rupesh Kumar

Rupesh Kumar is a businessman and educator. He’s 49 years old and lives in Jammu. He had an idea that might seem a bit unusual to some.

Buying Land on the Moon

Rupesh decided to buy a piece of land on the moon! Yes, you read that right. He thought it could be a way to give people hope for the future and help them feel better about climate change without spending too much money.

The Moon Property Details

Rupesh bought his lunar property from a place called the Lunar Registry in New York City. It’s called “Lacus Felicitatis,” which means “Lake of Happiness.” The exact location is Tract 55-Parcel 10772 on Earth’s Moon.

Why Did He Do It?

Rupesh believes that our interest in outer space reflects our curiosity about what’s beyond our world. It’s like searching for deeper meaning within ourselves. He also mentioned that many famous people, including three former U.S. presidents, own land in space.

A Connection to a Different Future

Rupesh thinks that buying land on the moon helps people feel more connected to a different future. It gives them a sense of being prepared for what might come next.

So, there you have it! Rupesh Kumar from Jammu now owns a piece of land on the moon, and he’s not the only one who dreams of reaching for the stars.

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