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Actually, I Was the Real One Chapter 117?


▪ Alan mention that the prince must have heard a report about a man requesting protection from the capital guards a few days ago.

▪ This happened about 20 years ago. It was when the marriage between the Edinburgh Family and the Duke’s Family was taking place.

▪ The child was no longer in her stomach, after stealing the child, he probably used himself as bait to attract the attention of the Chase Team. 

(Credits: Kakao)

Fans of the series are eagerly waiting to find out what’s coming up in the future of their favorite story, “Actually, I Was the Real One.” They’re especially excited to know what’s going to happen after hearing about Alexander, a regular person who plays a significant role in the story.

Release Date for Chapter 117:
We’re all eager to know when Chapter 117 will be out. The good news is, it’s scheduled for release on October 25, 2023.

Recap of Chapter 116:
In the last chapter, a man named Alexander appeared in court, and he had a story to tell. He introduced himself as a commoner from the capital’s outskirts and wanted to be a witness. He shared a tale from 20 years ago when he was in love with a girl from the Edinburgh Family, but due to his humble status, he kept it a secret. Marquis Simon Edinburgh discovered his secret and forced him into a terrible situation.

Alexander’s Testimony:
Alexander revealed that Marquis Edinburgh kidnapped him and ordered him to murder Duchess Rowena Weinberg. He did this to keep his secret hidden. Alexander sadly shared that he killed Rowena and her unborn child. Marquis used the baby to attract the attention of the Chase Team. Marquis denied these accusations.

Physical Evidence:
Prince Alan pointed out that there’s physical evidence to support Alexander’s claims. The Marquis’s younger sister, Sylvia Renowitten, escaped her family by disguising herself to avoid Marquis’s party.

(Credits: Kakao)

Expectations for Chapter 117:
Fans are wondering how the story will develop. The princess acknowledged that her mother didn’t have a secret lover, but her grandfather did try to harm Rowena. She also used Sylvia’s identity to escape.

In Chapter 117, we can expect to see more about Alexander’s story, whether the evidence supports his claims, and how this revelation will impact the characters in the series.

In summary, fans are excited to know what’s next in “Actually, I Was the Real One” as the story takes some unexpected twists and turns. Chapter 117 promises to reveal more about Alexander’s story and its implications for the characters.

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