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Academy’s Undercover Professor Chapter 69:


▪ Phebius was certain that a certain person had sent those mice, so he decided to follow the mice to reach a safe location.

▪ Leo explained to Tessy their professor would not believe them because they did not even know about the sender.

▪ Phebius blamed all his wrong doings on Esmeralda, he told her if she was not there in the village that day, they would have never ended up like that.

Ludger used a special creature called a “transforming golem” to reach a warehouse in time and put out a fire. However, things took an unexpected twist when they were suddenly attacked by another group.

(Credits: Naver Webtoon)

Mystery Surrounds the Ambush in Academy’s Undercover Professor Chapter 69

Readers are eager to find out who ambushed Ludger and the others in Chapter 69 of “Academy’s Undercover Professor.” Esmeralda, a character in the story, welcomed a person named Krollo Phebius, and they noticed that some mice had opened a door. Phebius was sure that someone had sent these mice, so he decided to follow them to find safety.

Phebius was convinced that someone wouldn’t leave him behind. Meanwhile, Esmeralda was puzzled by how Phebius, who rarely left his room, had the courage to run away.

Esmeralda seemed to be enjoying Phebius’s struggle and was challenging him to keep running from her.

Hans Shares Important Information

Hans informed his brother Ludger that Esmeralda was on the move and that Phebius was following the mice. Hans believed his unique abilities would be useful in this situation. Ludger suggested they stick to their plan.

Tessy expressed her concern to Aiden, saying that going into the jungle was too dangerous. She thought they should return and inform their professor. She also asked Leo to talk to Aiden since he was usually the leader, and she wondered why he was so quiet.

Leo agreed with Aiden, explaining how they found a message outside the door. However, he pointed out that their professor might not believe them, and even if they did, it might be too late.

Everyone decided to eavesdrop on a conversation they overheard. They spotted Joanna and her team discussing something disturbing, and Tessy couldn’t believe the message’s content was true.

Esmeralda Teases Phebius

Esmeralda followed Phebius, but when he got tired, he stopped. She taunted him for not running away like before and reminded him of the tragic incident when his family perished in a fire. She encouraged him to keep running to save his life.

(Credits: Naver Webtoon)

Phebius was frustrated and asked Esmeralda how long he had to suffer to satisfy her. He believed he did nothing wrong by killing villagers who had opposed a noble. He blamed Esmeralda for his actions and said that if she hadn’t been in the village that day, things wouldn’t have turned out this way.

A Heated Confrontation

As their argument escalated, Esmeralda couldn’t stand Phebius’s arrogance. She began to see the spirits of the dead villagers in front of her, blaming her for their deaths. It was unclear who the villagers truly despised.

Release Date for Academy’s Undercover Professor Chapter 69

Chapter 69 of “Academy’s Undercover Professor” is expected to be released on Thursday, October 19, 2023.

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