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Academy’s Undercover Professor Chapter 66

Sayren and Tana (II) are creating an amazing manga called “Academy’s Undercover Professor.” It’s an exciting mix of action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, and mystery. With their incredible talent and WAG’s artistry, readers are in for an extraordinary journey.

The story revolves around a mysterious professor at Ceoren Academy, who has several aliases. After the real Ludger Cherish sadly dies in a terrorist attack, this professor takes on the name Professor Ludger Cherish. What this new professor doesn’t know is that Ludger Cherish had a lot of secrets.

(Credits: Webtoon)

In Chapter 66, Professor Ludger Cherish has to navigate a dangerous school and a secret society. He’s trying to keep his undercover identity while unraveling the mystery of Ludger Cherish. This story promises adventure, humor, surprises, and lovable characters.

Recap of Chapter 65:
In Chapter 65, the main character, Caisy Selmoy, faces a tough situation. She wants to find the arena where magical sparring matches are happening, but she needs to blend in. To hide her identity, she uses her light magic to change her appearance slightly.

Caisy knows that when someone’s looks change, it’s harder for others to recognize them. But she’s not sure if this trick will work on the person she wants to approach. As she moves through the festival, she notices a mysterious person and tries to divert their attention. However, this person is very observant and starts figuring out who she really is.

(Credits: Webtoon)

Despite wanting to leave, Caisy is intrigued by the encounter. The person even offers her a business card for future conversations. Caisy realizes she’s met someone with sharp deductive skills, and Hans warns her that this person can uncover hidden truths.

More people gather around the perceptive individual, making the situation more complicated. Caisy decides to talk to them, and they discuss their backgrounds and the differences between their experiences and those of academy students. They both admit to the challenges they face in their line of work, which often involves violence.

They talk about a drug study related to a werewolf incident, and this discovery prompts them to investigate further. They identify the drug as coming from a plant called Pelluma, unique to Valtanung. On the third day of the magic festival, Caisy unexpectedly encounters Duke Heibek.

(Credits: Webtoon)

As the story unfolds, Flora Lumos, a character with a complex family history, enters the picture and hints at the Duke’s interest in her. With a web of connections and mysteries to navigate, Chapter 66 sets the stage for more exciting events in “Academy’s Undercover Professor.”

Don’t forget to mark your calendars! Chapter 66 is coming on October 10, 2023.

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