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Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 54


▪ Soh Woohwi decided to play along with him, and he apologized to Hae Akcheon for falling into the enemy’s schemes because he put his guard down.

▪ Jo Sungwon was qualified enough to be a squad captain, and he had the potential to reach beyond the first rate.

▪ The old man introduced Sama Yung to everyone and told them she wished to enter their cult.

In the previous chapter of Absolute Sword Sense, Sama Yung hoped to join Vice Squad Commander Soh Woohwi’s team. Fans are curious to know if she’ll be able to join in Chapter 54.

Soh Woohwi was surprised when Hae Akcheon greeted him with great excitement. Hae Akcheon confessed that he found himself in trouble because he let his guard down. Sohdam teased Hae Akcheon, saying he seemed happy despite trying to sound tough.

To make Hae Akcheon happy, Soh Woohwi played along and apologized for falling into the enemy’s trap due to his own carelessness. He felt bad for making Hae Akcheon worry. Hae Akcheon, in his own way, called him a bit foolish.

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Hae Akcheon reminded Soh Woohwi that Ryeon Ha had ordered the search that saved him. Hae Akcheon suggested Soh Woohwi should thank Ryeon Ha for her help. Ryeon Ha told him he didn’t need to bow down to her, as it was nothing compared to what he had done for them. Soh Woohwi had found two spies and risked his life to buy them time. Soh Woohwi mentioned it would have been hard to escape the cliff without Ryeon Ha’s search team.

Ryeon Ha appreciated Soh Woohwi’s efforts and wanted to reward him, although it wasn’t the right time to discuss it. She planned to make a fair decision later.

Ryeon Ha acknowledged Soh Woohwi’s achievements over the years and wanted to promote him. She advised him to fulfill his duties as the newly appointed vice squad commander. Sohdam thought it was a good thing.

Before Soh Woohwi was a spy, but now he had been promoted twice to become the vice squad commander. This position meant he could have three squad captains under his command unless Hae Akcheon assigned him elsewhere.

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Soh Woohwi thought of two potential squad captains, one being Jo Sungwon, who had the qualities to lead and excel. The other candidate was Sama Yung, who already had the skills required for the role. Soh Woohwi wanted Sama Yung close to him for future plans.

An older man introduced Sama Yung to everyone and shared her desire to join their group. She had helped Minister Soh escape and sought revenge against the Murim alliance.

Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 54 is expected to be released on Thursday, October 19, 2023.

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