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Absolute Necromancer Chapter 30- Unraveling Mysteries

In Chapter 30 of “Absolute Necromancer,” we’ll finally learn more about the mysterious figure who appeared at the end of Chapter 29. Cha Jinhyuk and Vulcan were casually strolling down the street when they sensed something strange happening to the people around them, almost like they were under a hypnotic spell.

This enigmatic character is incredibly fast, as she swiftly halted Cha Jinhyuk just as he was pulling his sword from his cloak. It appears that she isn’t interested in fighting him and may have come to discuss something important.

The story is still in its early stages, and we can expect to meet many new characters as it unfolds. One potential addition to Cha Jinhyuk’s team could be Hendric, the dragon slayer. Cha Jinhyuk showed interest in him, so he might extend an invitation to join his group.

Release Date for Chapter 30:

If you’re eagerly awaiting the next chapter of “Absolute Necromancer,” you’re in luck. Chapter 30 is expected to be released on Saturday, September 16, 2023, KST.

Chapter 29 Recap: Facing Gluttony

In Chapter 29, the story begins with Jinhyuk absorbing the power of gluttony. He’s determined to build resistance to various things, particularly poison. Among the ninestars, there’s an expert in poison, and Jinhyuk wants to be prepared. He also lets Miho consume the ores he defeated, showing Miho’s insatiable appetite.

Jinhyuk asks Vulcan about the person he fought with the previous night. Vulcan is surprised that Jinhyuk knows about this battle and reveals that he fought one of the four royalties, a dragon. This revelation makes Jinhyuk a bit angry, but Vulcan reassures him that he’s a dragon slayer.

Chapter 30 Spoilers: Conversations and Alliances

In Chapter 30, we can expect to see Cha Jinhyuk having a conversation with the mysterious angelic figure. While she may not be a good character due to her hypnotizing people, she doesn’t seem to be there for a fight.

Additionally, Cha Jinhyuk might meet with Hendric, the dragon slayer, in this chapter. He might extend an invitation to join his adventure, but Hendric could initially decline because he’s not the type to work under someone else. However, if he realizes how strong Jinhyuk is, he might change his mind and join the team.

Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of “Absolute Necromancer” on September 16, 2023!

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