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A Thrilling Showdown in Quest Supremacy Chapter 110

Quest Supremacy, Jintae and Soohyun are having an epic battle. It’s getting even more exciting because Jintae made a trade – he gave up some of his smarts to become super strong and take on Soohyun. As we get closer to Quest Supremacy Chapter 110, it looks like this fight won’t last much longer. Soohyun is about to reveal his secret move. Will he finally defeat Jintae?

Chapter 109: The One-Sided Fight

In Chapter 109, Soohyun starts the fight by saying it’s totally one-sided, with Jintae getting beaten up. We also see some stats that clearly show Soohyun is way stronger.

(Credits: Naver)

Jintae gets up from the ground and thinks that this is how leaders fight. He tries to come up with a plan to beat Soohyun by looking at everything that’s happened so far.

The Battle Unfolds

While Jintae is making his plan, Soohyun suddenly gets close and punches Jintae in the face. Jintae is shocked and can’t react in time. He tries to fight back, but Soohyun is too strong. Jintae wonders just how much stronger Soohyun has become because he’s not even hurt.

Soohyun knocks Jintae down and asks him why he had to go so far after winning the fight earlier. Jintae just smiles like a maniac and says he enjoys giving hope to weak people only to take it away.

Soohyun knocks Jintae out with a powerful punch and uses his Mana drain technique to take Jintae’s power. Soohyun explains that he wants Jintae to understand what it feels like to be weak.

A Surprise Twist

Jintae shouts and struggles as his powers get drained, but Soohyun doesn’t stop. Then, Soohyun sees some memories and throws Jintae, realizing he doesn’t want to be like Choyun. Jintae asks Soohyun what he did, but Soohyun quietly leaves.

(Credits: Naver)

Soohyun finds his friends who were held captive and takes them home. He tells others to capture Jintae and bring him to the West, but Jintae surprises him and tries to punch him. Soohyun blocks the punch with his face and gets thrown back.

Jintae wonders how he lost to Soohyun, even though he held Choyun’s hand.

The Game-Changing Card

Choyun sees Jintae on his screen and decides to use the “Deal” card on him. This card can trade intelligence and potential for a big boost in strength. Soohyun notices that Jintae doesn’t have any intelligence left.

Jintae rushes at Soohyun and kicks him, sending Soohyun flying. Soohyun uses a recovery bean and dodges Jintae’s next attack. Soohyun says it’s inhumane to use such a card on another person.

Soohyun explains that he trained for three months and earned many cards through quests. He planned to use them against Choyun, but now he has to use them against Jintae. Soohyun uses a buff card to boost his stats.

Chapter 110: Coming Soon

Quest Supremacy Chapter 110 will be out on Sunday, October 29, 2023. Don’t miss the next exciting installment!

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