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A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Chapter 237 Priscilla’s War and Desir’s Training

In the next chapter of “A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special,” we’ll see two important things happening. Priscilla is heading into a big battle against the Hebrion Empire, while Desir is working hard to become stronger in the shadow world. Let’s break down what’s going on:

Priscilla’s Mission to the Hebrion Empire

Priscilla is going to the Hebrion Empire for a special reason. She’s on a quest to find a way to make the Artemis system work. This system is essential, but it’s quite ancient and damaged. Priscilla has an incredible healing power that can even fix massive spaceships in an instant. So, her goal is to repair the damaged Artemis system so it can function properly.

(Credits: Kakao

Desir’s Training in the Shadow World

On the other hand, Desir knows he’s not strong enough to face Priscilla in battle. That’s why he’s decided to train in the shadow world, a mysterious place, to become more powerful.

Chapter 237 Release Date

If you’re eager to know when Chapter 237 of “A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special” will be out, you’re in luck. It’s set to be released on Sunday, September 17, 2023, KST.

Chapter 237 Spoilers

(Credits: Kakao

As for spoilers, there aren’t any available yet because the raw chapter usually comes out just a day before the official release. However, we can discuss some events that might happen in the chapter based on the novel.

Chapter 237 Summary

In this chapter, expect some intense moments. Students from the Academy and characters from the Empire are in grave danger, and there’s a dread knight named Argos causing trouble. Priscilla gets involved with the Artemis system and tries to create a “perfect world,” but Desir disagrees with this reality and takes action to stop her. This leads to some dramatic events, and Priscilla’s powers play a crucial role in the story.

So, stay tuned for Chapter 237 to find out how the story unfolds!

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