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A Race Against Time in “Ending Maker” Chapter 56

In the last chapter, our hero started a race against time. At first, they had 15 minutes to reach their goal, but that quickly shrank to just 5 minutes. The hero’s agility increased, showing how urgent and desperate their situation was.

As they descended to the ground, they were met with a dark and unsettling environment filled with the sickening smell of blood. This confirmed the hero’s worst fears. Something terrible was happening, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation. The anxiety of being late added to the tension.

 (Credits: Kakao)

Chapter 57 of “Ending Maker” Release Date

In the story, our hero and their allies are working hard to protect Pleiades from approaching demons and maintain sealing runes. They witness a massive binding ceremony, signifying a significant event. Let’s find out when Chapter 57 of “Ending Maker” will be released and where to read it.

Recap of Chapter 56

Chapter 56 takes us on an unexpected and thrilling journey. The main character embarks on a quest, racing against the clock. They thought they had 15 minutes to reach their goal, but now they have only 5 minutes left.

Time is running out, and the hero’s increased agility hints at something important happening. The atmosphere becomes gloomy, and the scent of blood fills the air as the hero gets closer to their goal. Their fears are confirmed, and they worry about more harm and being late.

In the next part of the story, a group of humans has a special task: to protect Pleiades from demons. They participate in a binding ceremony, a crucial part of the narrative. Since the main character has never seen one of this scale before, it’s clear that something significant is occurring, though it remains mysterious.

 (Credits: Kakao)

Despite expectations of a major demon attack, it has not happened yet. Everyone is anxious and wonders why the demons haven’t launched a full attack. The Hresvelg swordsmen are called to protect the Holy Cross in Hresvelg land, where demons shouldn’t be. To everyone’s surprise, Lady Cordelia reappears on the scene.

Unexpected Twists and New Information

People wonder if Cordelia might have crucial information about the “maniacal illusionary couple,” even though everyone is searching for them. Her sudden arrival adds an intriguing twist to the story. The narrative also introduces information about Shishiot, a powerful demon known for his exceptional close-quarters combat skills.

Things take a significant turn when the main character recalls a game where they had to avoid getting hit by a boss for 50 seconds. Even with the hero’s magical abilities, they doubt they can defeat Shishiot in combat due to his extreme toughness. They believe the key to beating him is to seal him with his true name, but they don’t know Shishiot’s real name.

Author’s Health Issues and Hiatus

The author’s health issues are discussed at this point. The author reveals that they’ve been facing health problems, including hand tremors and sleep difficulties, making it challenging to work on the novel. As a result, “Ending Maker” is going on a 3-month-long break.

 (Credits: Kakao)

The author’s health problems have limited their ability to work and meet deadlines. For this reason, they have decided to put “Ending Maker” on hold. Their top priority now is getting well and working on additional drafts for when the series is completed.

A Promise to Return

The author thanks the readers for their understanding and patience. They promise to return stronger and create a webtoon that readers can be proud of. They express their deep gratitude for the support from their readers.

“Ending Maker” Chapter 56 continues the action-packed journey of the main character while addressing the author’s health concerns and the reasons for the writing break. This chapter offers surprises, emotional messages, and action-packed moments.

Chapter 57 Release Date

Chapter 57 of “Ending Maker” is expected to be released around January 2024.

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