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A New Poster Shows Hope for Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spiderman 3

Recently, a fan-made poster for a movie called “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” has appeared. This poster gives us a look at a different ending for the Spider-Man played by Andrew Garfield. This is exciting because the last movie he was in, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” had a sad ending.

Andrew Garfield’s Return as Spider-Man

At first, it seemed like Andrew Garfield was done playing Spider-Man after the 2014 movie. But in 2021, he surprised everyone by coming back as Spider-Man in “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” He joined Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire, who also played Spider-Man, in the same movie. This got people excited about seeing him as Spider-Man again.

Why This Matters

This new Spider-Man movie, part of Phase 4, was a huge success. It made a lot of money and brought all three Spider-Man actors together.

Fans Want More

(Credits: Vulture)

Since “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” fans have been using the hashtag #MakeTasm3 on social media. They really want Andrew Garfield to play Spider-Man again in “The Amazing Spider-Man 3.” Garfield has said he’s interested if the conditions are right, which has made fans even more hopeful.

What Could Happen Next

Right now, there are no official plans for “The Amazing Spider-Man 3.” But because “Spider-Man: No Way Home” did so well, there’s a chance it could happen.

The Spider-Verse Connection

There’s another Spider-Man series called the Spider-Verse, which is animated. It’s been very popular, showing different versions of Spider-Man from different dimensions. In one of these movies, they included a short clip of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. This shows that the animated Spider-Verse and the live-action movies are connected.

Rumors About Spider-Man 4

There are rumors that Sony, the company that makes Spider-Man movies, might make a “Spider-Man 4” with Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi. This makes people wonder if “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” could also happen. Sony hasn’t said yes or no, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re thinking about bringing back Andrew Garfield too.

The Multiverse Idea

The Spider-Man movies are becoming really popular, both in live-action and animation. Sony could make a lot of money by bringing Andrew Garfield back, even if they don’t make “The Amazing Spider-Man 3.” There’s also a chance he could appear in other big Marvel movies that are part of the Multiverse Saga.

The Future Is Uncertain

We don’t know for sure what will happen, so fans are left wondering if Andrew Garfield will wear the famous red and blue Spider-Man suit again in “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” or other future movies.

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