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Home » A Fun Fantasy Story – Silly Little Abella Chapter 40: 

A Fun Fantasy Story – Silly Little Abella Chapter 40: 

Isekai series are loved by many, and there are some really great ones like Mushoku Tensei, Sword Art Online, and Overlord. One of the newest additions to this genre is the manhwa called ‘Silly Little Abella.’ It has a romantic and fantasy story that has captured the hearts of many readers.

The Story:
The story is about a math tutor named Seokyung Kang who lives in a fancy town. One day, she gets hit by a truck and wakes up in a new life as Abella, a noble’s daughter. Abella is smart and beautiful but has no idea where she is.

(Credits: Naver)

After her transformation, she’s told she has to marry a prince with scars all over his body. Things move quickly, and Abella is very confused about her new life, but there’s a silver lining – the prince is handsome. Abella is overwhelmed by all these changes and doesn’t know how to handle it.

She not only has to understand her new husband but also deal with the imperial family’s challenges. Will she be able to use her role as the “fool of the court” to protect herself, or will her enemies get the best of her and bring her down?

Recent Developments:
In Chapter 39, we see Raffet and Lenthia planning something against Abella. They want to abduct her and sell her to a prostitution den. When Abella is about to enter a carriage, some suspicious people try to rush her, saying that Her Majesty needs her immediately. This terrifies Abella.

But a mystery man steps in and warns them not to take her anywhere without her chaperone. The men in the black hoodies run away scared. Abella realizes she can’t trust anyone easily as she might be kidnapped.

Later, Abella suspects someone named Raffet and learns he works for Princess Lenthia secretly. She meets the Viscount of Iantil City, who tells her that Prince Felice will escort her if needed. Abella is surprised to learn that the Viscount is Duke Paleon, a very important person.

In Chapter 39.5, as Abella tries to introduce Iantil for saving her, he disappears. Prince Felice reveals that Iantil is actually Duke Paleon, a big deal in society. Felice is worried about Abella and leaves his work to come to her.

What’s Next:
In Chapter 40, Abella was almost in big trouble, but Viscount Iantil saved her. Now, they suspect Princess Lenthia and her servant Raffet. Prince Felice is also concerned about Abella and postpones his plans to meet his brother, the seventh prince.

We’ll have to wait for the next chapter to find out why Felice’s brother wants to meet him. Is it part of a sinister plan or just a brotherly chat? We’ll have to see when the next chapter comes out.

Release Date:
Chapter 40 of ‘Silly Little Abella’ is expected to be released on Friday, September 29, 2023.

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