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A Big Fight in To Not Die Chapter 108

“To Not Die,” Dajoon and Dochang had a really intense fight. Now, everyone is curious about who will win in Chapter 108. Cha Daeyeop and Dajoon were up against Dochang and his gang. Dajoon protected Cha Daeyeop from getting hurt.

Cha Daeyeop thanked Dajoon for helping but noticed that Dajoon used a technique called Hangil’s technique to save him. He was surprised and wondered how Dajoon knew that technique. Dajoon explained that he had been working on improving his skills while they were apart.

Dochang couldn’t avoid Dajoon’s punch, even though Dajoon couldn’t touch his hair until the very end. He wasn’t sure if it was just luck.

Dajoon admitted that Dochang was different from the others and decided to face him seriously. Dochang told him not to act arrogant just because he landed two punches on him.

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A year ago, Dochang lost Hangil to Haegwang and realized he needed to become stronger for revenge. He had been working hard to improve his abilities since then. By focusing on Haegwang, he had underestimated Dajoon’s skills. After their fight, Dochang realized that Dajoon was hiding his true abilities.

Dochang wasn’t sure what Dajoon wanted from him. Dajoon remembered how Hangil used to train him and believed that all the hard work would pay off one day. He wanted to continue Hangil’s legacy by using his training methods and techniques.

In the next chapter, we’ll see how this all unfolds. Dajoon was hiding his strength, and Dochang didn’t think he could walk the same path as Hangil. Dochang pointed out that Hangil had made mistakes and died without understanding his place.

Dochang’s father used to be the boss of an organization and took good care of his members. But this caused problems in their family, and their debts kept growing. In the present, Dochang believed that neither Hangil nor he was fit to be leaders.

Dajoon had looked up to Hangil and wanted to be as strong as him. But Hangil told him he should learn to use his power to survive.

You can expect “To Not Die” Chapter 108 to be released on Thursday, October 26, 2023.

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