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Oshi no Ko Chapter 129: Recap, Release Date & Spoilers

In the upcoming Oshi no Ko Chapter 129, our favorite characters are heading to a shrine to pray for the success of the movie “15-Years Lie.” The script reading and costume fitting for the film are all set, and filming is about to start.

Ruby’s Striking Resemblance to Ai

At the costume fitting, everyone was amazed by Ruby’s resemblance to Ai. Well, she is Ai’s daughter, so it’s not a surprise. As Akane mentioned, genes can be quite strong. Seeing Ruby in her outfit was like seeing Ai in real life for the others.

Credits: @Feyku on X)

Aqua’s Dedication to the Film

Aqua’s dedication to the film is noteworthy. He’s determined to reveal the truth and is giving it his all. He knows that any mishap could harm the film’s impact on the viewers, so he’s paying close attention.

We didn’t get to see Aqua’s reaction, but that might be revealed in the next chapter. It’s clear that Aqua is taking the film seriously.

Casting and Roles

The roles have been assigned, and here’s the cast:

  • Ruby as Ai
  • Aqua as Hikaru Kamiki
  • Tsukuyomi as Ruby and Aqua
  • Shiraui as Airi Himekawa
  • Mem-Cho as Mei Mei
  • Arima as Nino
  • Akane as Takamine
  • Narushima as Goro
  • Jan as Miyako
  • Aye as Ryosuke
  • Mita as Ichigo
  • Taiki as Seijuro

Everyone seems to fit their roles perfectly, especially Ruby and Aqua. We can’t wait to see how Hikaru Kamiki will react to the film. However, this also means that the main plot of seeking justice for Ai by taking revenge on Hikaru Kamiki is coming to an end.

Release Date for Oshi no Ko Chapter 129

Oshi no Ko Chapter 129 is expected to be released on Wednesday, October 11, 2023. The chapters are released weekly, so you won’t have to wait long to see what happens next in the story.

Credits: @Feyku on X)

What to Expect

The biggest challenge the characters will face is whether the film can capture the interest of Ai’s fans after so many years. With most fans likely having moved on, the success of the film is uncertain.

It’s possible that the author might skip through the filming process in the upcoming chapters and take us to the moment when the film is ready for the big screen. This could signal that we are approaching the manga’s conclusion.

While we’re eager to discover Hikaru Kamiki’s true identity, it’s bittersweet because it might mean the end of the manga. The final performance of B-Komachi with Arima might also be on the horizon.

Stay tuned for Oshi no Ko Chapter 129 to see how the story unfolds!

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