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Detective Conan Chapter 1119 – The Young Detective’s Adventure Continues

In this new chapter of Detective Conan, we follow the story of a young detective named Shinichi Kudo. He’s a really smart detective, and he became famous because of that. But being famous had some bad consequences for him. There was this evil group, and they didn’t like him snooping around, so they decided to poison him.

But here’s the twist: the poison didn’t kill him. Instead, it turned him into a kid! So now, he’s this super-smart teenage detective stuck in a child’s body. He’s still solving cases, though, with some help from his friends.

Current Story: A Mysterious Temple Visit

In the current story, Shinichi and his friends take shelter in a temple because of the rain. They meet the temple’s chief priest, Tensshin, who is really nice. While they’re there, they discover that one of the priests has gone missing. People think he was kidnapped by evil spirits.

But as Shinichi investigates, he figures out that things aren’t as they seem. The missing priest was caught smoking and was sent to a punishment room. Later, they find his body, and that’s when they realize that Rachel’s dad is missing too.

After some detective work, Shinichi figures out that one of the temple priests, Tontetsu, is behind all this. He was selling fake Buddha statues and making it look like supernatural events to cover his tracks. They catch him and solve the case just in time to see the sunrise.

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What’s Coming Next

In the next chapter, we’ll see Shinichi taking on another case. The last one was dangerous, and they barely made it through. Also, Harley, one of their friends, had plans to confess his feelings to Kazuha, but because of the case, he forgot. Now he has to figure out how to do it later.

Release Date

You can expect Detective Conan Chapter 1119 to be out on or around September 11, 2023. So, stay tuned for more adventures with Shinichi and his friends!

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