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D-Frag! Chapter 155

Guess what? The new D-Frag! Chapter 155 is almost here! Roka has a plan to keep the peace in Kazuma’s house, and fans are super excited to find out what it is! Let’s take a look at what’s happening.

Recap of the Last Chapter

In the last chapter, Funbori and Takao were upset with Roka for baking cookies in Kazuma’s house. They thought it was a no-no, but Roka thought it was totally okay. She explained that her own home got wrecked by a meteorite. Funbori wasn’t interested in cookies at that moment, but Roka promised to fix things.

l (Credits: Seven Seas Entertainment))

Roka’s Cookie Plan

As Roka rushed off, Funbori wondered if she ate some special “Purity” cookies they had made. Roka had a plan to eat these “Pure Cookies” to make herself super strong for a short time.

The Baker’s Surprise

Things got even crazier when a baker arrived with a truck. He figured out the cookie problem and had a solution. He said he’d have to load up all the cookies to purify the building.

l (Credits: Seven Seas Entertainment))

The Cookie Purity

Roka insisted that all the cookies must be pure. The baker assured them that the cookies had a purity level of 74. But there was one problem – someone was still inside the building, and Roka wanted to wait for them to escape.

Kazama’s Determination

Kazama wanted to rescue the person inside, even though his “purity” level was only 3, which meant he was weak. He believed something fishy was going on and had a resistance to darkness.

l (Credits: Seven Seas Entertainment))

Release Date

The next D-Frag! Chapter 155 is coming out on October 29, 2023. Get ready for the exciting adventure!

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