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Home » Boy’s Abyss Chapter 149: Yuri and Nagi’s Feelings for Reiji

Boy’s Abyss Chapter 149: Yuri and Nagi’s Feelings for Reiji

Yuri’s Urgent Meeting
Yuri is in a hurry to meet Reiji because she got a call that her grandpa passed away. Her parents are going to the funeral, leaving her at home, so she seizes the chance to see Reiji.

Nagi Also Wants to Meet Reiji
In the previous chapter (Chapter 147), Nagi also decides to visit Reiji. This might lead to them crossing paths. Yuri is deeply in love with Reiji and willing to do anything for him, which some fans appreciate while others find it excessive.

Different Opinions on Yuri
People have mixed opinions about Yuri’s obsession with Reiji. Some think it’s too much, while others believe it stems from genuine love and care. Yuri is a teacher and naturally caring, wanting a better life for Reiji.

Credits: Young Jump

Yuri and Nagi Care for Reiji
Both Yuri and Nagi care deeply for Reiji and want to help him. They fear he might do something drastic due to the pressure he’s under and want to prevent it.

Speculations for the Next Chapter
In the next chapter, we might see Yuri rushing to meet Reiji, but it’s uncertain if she will succeed. A detective is trying to keep them apart, and Nagi is involved in an investigation. It’s possible that Reiji has already left the hospital, as mentioned by the detective in the previous chapter.

Reiji’s Struggles
Reiji is currently struggling with the fear of losing his mother and feeling helpless. There’s a possibility that he might visit his mother’s hospital room in the upcoming chapter.

Release Date
Boy’s Abyss Chapter 149 is expected to be released on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

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